About us

The music industry has been in need of a new way to release music. Majors have always kept a big chunk of the profit for themselves and that’s where Prowess Records intends to change things. “By the artists, for the artists.” As the artists are in fact the ones doing all the important work, which is producing great tunes. So why rip these artists off? Prowess Records intends to be a piece to the publishing puzzle and helps unsigned independent artists to promote their works and distribute their music to all available modern music stores such as iTunes, Beatport, Juno download, Amazon and many others.

Prowess Records delivers quality music by independent artists from all over the world. Works from producers such as Lovely Chords, Unmarked Noise, JordyVision, Fujasaki are in the pipeline and many others are to follow. So far, Prowess Records has had it’s main interest in electronic music such as techno, electro and IDM. But with all the talent out in the world, why obstruct our and artists growth and chances?

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  • For direct inquiries send us a mail: . If you want to send us your demo, upload the file to a place where we can download it, like Rapidshare, Dropbox, or your own website, and mail the link with your bio and contact information to: .
    Do not send us any files, we’ll delete them immediately!

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