Niki Brumas

studio moimooi…

..where a lot of hot action takes place, is where Niki can be found along with her boy JordyVision. But, she was at the supermarket just now to cook up some delicious moimooi treats. When she’s back, she’ll probably deliver another fantastic vocal ready to swim like a star in a sea of intergalactic sound.

She co-starred in the track ‘Droomweg’ (夢道) were we recorded her voice for the announcement (in Japanese) that we will be arriving at the next galaxy soon. She also starred in some of Lovely Chords songs and our fabulous Niki has made it quite a long way these days, featuring on the latest album by Seymour Bits in the introduction of Top Priority. She drew JordyVision’s cute but sexy web-avatar that you’ll find everywhere on the web now-a-days and created the original futuristic JordyVision logo, besides that she’s made some very special sketches that you’ll find on a lot of Myspace and Facebook pages. Among them, Son of 8-bits most treasured portrait, found on all his pages.