JordyVision – Y.A.M.A Released!

It’s March 10th, 19:30 PM: JordyVision – Y.A.M.A

What is Y.A.M.A? It’s not what the cover would suggest. Or does it? Since these tracks were written while going, and leaving, Paris, that tower does look in place. But who is Mister Mountain? And there was something about a deranged cop..

All we know for sure is that Y.A.M.A is an experiment in limiting one’s options and trying to reap maximum results. Using the KORG M01 software in combination with inspiration and a certain “je ne sais quoi” produced 2 tracks for a new concept EP.

Cover design by Seb Lee

ISRC: NLGH61100002
ISRC: NLGH61100003
ISRC: NLGH61100004



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