Youtube: Unmarked Noise – The Dude

I dunno how the Big Lebowski would feel about this…

The release is this Friday! Want this album for free? There are two options..:

It’s very important to figure out interesting topics and know your audience first. This will help you decide what kind of videos you want to make. Once you have this figured, create the outline of a video and arrange equipment that you need to shoot. It’s perfectly fine if your first video looks simple and short. You’re only going to get better over time. Once you decide and finalize topics, create your own Google account to login to YouTube. If you already have an account, use it. The next step is to create your own channel with a name, artwork, logo and the description. When assigning a name and creating the artwork, make sure it’s catchy and impressive. All these elements are very important to get the attention of your audience and with tools from you will be able to get more engagement and viewers.

To make your videos look professional, try out different features of the camera. You don’t really have to buy expensive equipment to get it done. The benefit of using a DSLR is you get good quality videos that are better for editing. If you’re on a budget, a good phone that is well placed and a well-lit scene will do just fine. If you are just getting started, you might not want to spend a lot on video editing software. YouTube already has a built-in video editor that lets you trim videos, add and adjust sound tracks, give effects, adjust the volume of the background audio clip to them.

1. To start uploading video, open the YouTube app on your smartphone 2. Tap the video icon on the top of the screen 3. Select the video you want to upload or shoot a new one by tapping the Camera icon 4. Once you select the video, you’ll be able to do some editing before you upload 5. YouTube’s built-in video editor lets you trim video and add filters by clicking on the Magic Wand icon. 6. You can also add background music by tapping the music icon or search for featured music by tapping the “+” icon. 7. This editor lets you adjust the background music and the original audio of your clip 8. You can set the start and the end point of the audio clip by just scrolling it from left to right or the either way around 9. Once you complete editing, you add Title, description and set the privacy 10. When completed, click on the “Send arrow” button at the top to start uploading


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