What does a free download look like?

Like this!

We are offering Fujasaki’s – What I Look Like? – The Remixes as a free download. Why? Cause we want Fujasaki’s great work to be heard and enjoyed by everyone. It’s been on the download page for a some time now, but just to make sure the message gets out there… If you like what you hear, please support the artist by visiting the various stores where the EP is available.

PROWREC001 – Fujasaki – What I Look Like? – The Remixes

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PROWREC001 Fujasaki – What I Look Like? The Remixes

The EP is out! Our first release has been launched!

This is, for Prowess Records, a very special moment. The first release. We hope many more quality releases will follow. We at Prowess Records wish you a great time listening to this remix EP, and all other releases that will follow.

Our newsletter subscribers have already gotten a taste of that Fujasaki sweetness. Since we don’t wanna leave the rest of y’all out in the cold, starving, you can catch the remixes of “What I Look Like?” via soundcloud.

Fujasaki – What I Look Like (Part 1) by Prowess Records

Fujasaki – What I Look Like (Cruise Control Re-Work) by Prowess Records

Fujasaki – What I Look Like (JordyVision’s Kansai Acid Dip) by Prowess Records

Fujasaki – What I Look Like (Disco Night At The Knitting Factory By aa ) by Prowess Records

Like what you hear? And would like to have it for yourself as well? The newsletter offer is still valid! Subscribe now and the whole EP is yours, free as a nice cold beer offered to you by a friend at the bar after a long days work. (Try saying that ten times in a row!)

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