PROWREC003 – JordyVision Feat. Son Of 8-Bits & Niki Brumas – Droomweg – The Remixes

Set to release on April 14th 2010, but already sent to our newsletter subscribers yesterday, PROWREC003 – Droomweg – The Remixes.

As of now, you can listen to it right here (via Soundcloud).

JordyVision – Droomweg – The Remixes by Prowess Records

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PROWREC001 Fujasaki – What I Look Like? The Remixes

The EP is out! Our first release has been launched!

This is, for Prowess Records, a very special moment. The first release. We hope many more quality releases will follow. We at Prowess Records wish you a great time listening to this remix EP, and all other releases that will follow.

Our newsletter subscribers have already gotten a taste of that Fujasaki sweetness. Since we don’t wanna leave the rest of y’all out in the cold, starving, you can catch the remixes of “What I Look Like?” via soundcloud.

Fujasaki – What I Look Like (Part 1) by Prowess Records

Fujasaki – What I Look Like (Cruise Control Re-Work) by Prowess Records

Fujasaki – What I Look Like (JordyVision’s Kansai Acid Dip) by Prowess Records

Fujasaki – What I Look Like (Disco Night At The Knitting Factory By aa ) by Prowess Records

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